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The most flexible open-source web component library!

HTMLPLUS is framework-less and lightweight. It’s totally native and developed purely with javascript. All HTMLPLUS containers are customizable and configurable.

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npm install 

Fully Compatible

Use them in all of your apps. It doesn't matter what framework you are using!
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Here's what you get

By using HTMLPLUS, you will access to a robust suite of powerful and flexible web components to help you build your application quickly and easily.
Cross Framework
All components are developed based on web components. They are completely compatible with all framework.
Performance Benefits
We used virtual DOM to increase the process speed of the DOM to improve the efficiency.
Zero Configuration
It’s prepared in a way that you can use it easily just in a simple step. To build your next project fast and easy!
We tried to keep the size of components as tiny as possbile.
Dependency Free
There is not any dependency to any third-party libraries or any other dependencies. They are totally independent.
Simple and Easy-to-learn
Robust explanation and complete examples aids are presented with components.

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